Basic Uzbek Words and Phrases [With Audio]

Uzbekistan language

Are you considering a visit to the enchanting country of Uzbekistan? Whether you’re planning a trip or simply intrigued by the language, delving into the Uzbek language can enhance your travel experience.

While English is often spoken in tourist settings, embracing some basic Uzbek words and phrases will not only help you connect with the local culture but also help you to communicate if you decide to go adventure off the beaten path.

Embark on the journey of learning Uzbek and open doors to a richer cultural experience. Let’s commence your exploration of the Uzbek language with this concise language guide.


Uzbek Language Introduction

What languages are spoken in Uzbekistan?

The official language of Uzbekistan is Uzbek, which is the language used in formal contexts such as government affairs and legislation. The Uzbek language is so esteemed that it even has a dedicated holiday celebrated on October 21st, known as the ‘Day of the Uzbek Language.’

Many other languages are spoken in Uzbekistan including Russian, Tajik, and other Turkic languages such as Turkish and Kazakh. The top three languages most commonly spoken in Uzbekistan are Uzbek, Russian and Tajik. Other languages spoken in Uzbekistan include Korean, Armenian, Tatar.

The autonomous region of Karakalpakstan uses both Uzbek and Karakalpak as official languages.

Globally, an estimated 30.8 million people speak Uzbek as their first language with the majority of those (22.9 million) living in Uzbekistan. A large number of native Uzbek speakers also reside in the neighboring countries of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.

Is English Spoken in Uzbekistan?

English is becoming increasingly popular, especially across the younger generation, and many people in the main cities will know at least a small amount of English. Tashkent in particular has a growing number of English speakers, especially in the services and tourism industries.

If you’re planning a trip to Uzbekistan and you stay well within tourist areas, then you’ll always find somebody who can speak at least a little English. If you plan on venturing beyond the usual tourist routes, then it’s advisable to know at least some Uzbek or Russian.

Is Uzbek a difficult language to learn?

According to the US Foreign Service Institute, the Uzbek language is a Category III Language, meaning it is a difficult language to learn for English speakers.

The guide describes Uzbek as a ‘hard’ language, placing it in the same difficulty category as Russian, Hindi and Turkish, which take the average learner approximately 1,100 hours to learn.

Learning Uzbek
Learning Uzbek the real way!

Basic Uzbek Words and Phrases

Greetings in Uzbek

Hello – Salom

Good morning – Xayrli tong

Good afternoon – Hayrli kun

Good evening – Hayrli kech

Good night – Hayrli tun

Goodbye – Xayr

How are you? – Qalaysiz?

I’m fine! – Men yaxshiman

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Important Uzbek Words and Phrases

Thank you – Rahmat

Please – Iltimos

You’re welcome (not at all) – Arzimaydi

Excuse me (for attention) – Kechirasiz

I’m sorry (apologizing) – Uzr

Yes – Ha

No – Yo’q

I know – (Men) bilaman

I don’t know – Men bilmayman

I understand – Men tushundim

I don’t understand – Men tushunmadim

Introductions in Uzbek

Nice to meet you – Tanishganimdan xursandman

What’s your name? – Ismingiz nima?

My name is … – Mening ismim

Where are you from? – Siz qayerdansiz?

I’m from Tashkent – Men Toshkentdanman

I’m from the USA – Men AQShdanman

I’m from the UK – Men Buyuk Britaniyadanman

I’m from France – Men Fransiyadanman

I’m from Germany – Men Germaniyadanman

I’m from Singapore – Men Singapurdanman

I’m from India – Men Hindistondanman

I’m from United Arab Emirates – Men Birlashgan Arab Amirliklaridanman

I’m from Turkey – Men Turkiyadanman

I’m from Italy – Men Italiyadanman

I’m from the Netherlands – Men Niderlandiyadanman

I’m from Australia – Men Avstraliyadanman

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