Tashkent City Park: Review (with Photos)

Tashkent City Park

Surrounded by newly built apartments, the Hilton hotel, and Tashkent City shopping mall, Tashkent City Park promises a modern and vibrant atmosphere that complements its urban surroundings.

At first glance, this urban sanctuary holds the potential for an awe-inspiring experience. Yet, as we delve deeper, we uncover a different reality—one that reveals the park’s struggle to live up to its promise.

Read on to discover our verdict!

Tashkent City Park View From Above
Tashkent City Park View From Above

Tashkent City Park is expansive, situated in the center of the city, and meticulously maintained by a small army of local workers.

With its lush greenery and meandering pathways that encircle the artificial lake at its core, the park’s aesthetic appeal is undeniable – especially when viewed from above.

However, in comparison to other renowned parks in Tashkent, such as the Alley of Writers park and Mirzo Ulugbek Park, Tashkent City Park lacks a certain charm—at least for now. During the day, the park can feel eerily quiet, contributing to its somewhat ghostly ambiance.

Maybe it’s just us but despite its elegant appearance, the park seems to have a synthetic feeling to it.

Tashkent City Park Lake
Tashkent City Park Lake

Moreover, despite being constructed a few years ago, a significant portion of the surrounding apartments remains unoccupied, further contributing to the park’s lack of atmosphere.

Nevertheless, if you find yourself in Tashkent for an extended period, the park is still worth a visit, especially if you’re with children or just want to go for a stroll and take some polished photos.

One of its notable advantages is that entry is currently free, making it an accessible option for locals and visitors alike.

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Tashkent City Park Lion Topiary
Tashkent City Park Lion Topiary

Facilities and Restaurants

As for facilities, Tashkent City Park boasts several noteworthy attractions. It boasts Tashkent’s first modern planetarium, a wax museum, and an amphitheater that showcases various performances, including a daily 80-meter-tall fountain show.

Additionally, visitors can enjoy basketball courts and two children’s playgrounds—one with paid entry and the other free to enter.

There is also an animal hedge sculpture area in the corner of the park, which frustratingly, never seems to be open.

Animal Hedge Sculptures
Animal Hedge Sculptures

When it comes to food and drink, the park offers numerous kiosks conveniently scattered throughout, as well as several restaurants dispersed within its premises. Notable dining options include Arrows & Sparrows cafe, Bellissimo Pizza, and Dayako Chicken & Beer.

There is also a pleasant cafe on the ground floor of the Hilton Hotel which is a comfortable spot for coffee and tea but we advise against eating there due to the overpriced and subpar quality of the food.

Tashkent City Park: Our verdict?

Tashkent City Park is worth a visit if you plan to spend a significant amount of time in Tashkent. However, it falls short of being a must-see attraction for tourists as there are plenty of better attractions in Tashkent.

To make the most of your experience, we recommend visiting in the evening when the temperature cools down, and the park becomes livelier with more people around. Don’t miss the impressive fountain show, which you can enjoy for free.

One aspect that detracts from the park’s overall appeal is its commercial feel. It gives off the impression of having been hastily constructed and lacks the authentic ambiance found in other parks in Tashkent.

Regarding the additional attractions like the planetarium and wax museum, we cannot provide personal recommendations as we haven’t visited them. However, online reviews suggest that they are satisfactory but not exceptional, so it’s best not to set overly high expectations.

Despite its current shortcomings, Tashkent City Park offers a serene escape within the bustling cityscape and serves as a testament to the evolving urban landscape of Tashkent.

While it may not yet fully embody its promised modernity, it is undoubtedly a space worth exploring, providing a glimpse into the city’s future aspirations.

Getting to Tashkent City Park

Getting to Tashkent City Park is relatively straightforward. If you’re using the metro, you can access the park from any of the following stations: Xalqlar Do’stligi station, Uzbekiston station, Pakhtakor station, or Alisher Navoi station.

Alternatively, if you prefer using a taxi app such as Yandex, simply order a taxi to the Hilton Hotel, as the park’s entrance is just a few meters away.


Entry Fee:Free (although there is occasionally a fee to enter on special occasions and events)
Opening Times:11am – 11pm, daily
Tashkent City Park Information

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