Tashkent Nightlife: Best Bars, Pubs, and Clubs [2024]

Tashkent Nightlife

Uzbekistan is famous for its silk road cities of Samarkand and Bukhara.

Tashkent is definitely not famous for its nightlife but it does have a small number of really great bars, pubs and clubs to visit.

It’s not exactly a party city but with a little guidance you’ll find plenty of places to party around the clock.

This is our 2024 guide to the best nightlife in Tashkent.

Read to the end to find out the very best Tashkent bar (and quite probably the best in Uzbekistan).

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Bars in Tashkent

The Bar ‘Speakeasy’

Styled as an illicit American speakeasy, ‘The Bar’ is a cool spot and highly rated by foreigners.  This Western saloon-style bar offers cocktails, friendly barmen, and a cosy environment to relax.

Admittedly, it’s the only bar we recommend here that we haven’t actually visited yet (shame on us!) but we heard and read a lot of good reviews about it that we had to mention it here.

It’s in the mid-range in terms of price.  Just make sure to confirm prices before ordering as some of the online reviewers claim they’ve been ripped off here.

Kuranti Bar (Куранты)

Kuranti, meaning ‘chimes’ in English, is a fancy bar centrally located by Amir Timur square.

So-named for its clock tower, it’s a high end bar with a very elegant interior complete with chandeliers.  It’s one of the most upmarket bars in Tashkent and that’s reflected in the price but we still think it’s worth it for a drink or two.

The food is of high quality here.  We ordered sushi and weren’t disappointed.

There’s not much online info about this place available in English but if you go to Amir Timur square you’ll easily spot its church-like appearance from across the street.  The staff speak English quite well so you’ll have no issues ordering.

You can sit outside but it’s much nicer to sit inside.

The staff were not the most attentive and due to the price it’s not our favourite spot but definitely worth a visit for a light meal and a cocktail or beer.

Prefer coffee? Read about the best cafes in Tashkent.

Studio Cafe

Popular with expats for their cheap beers, central location and English speaking staff.

They even host a weekly pub quiz in English every Wednesday.

When the weather is warm they have an outdoor terrace where you can order food, drink beer or smoke shisha.

When it’s cooler outside their hazy interior is decorated with retro paraphernalia and rock and indie albums.

It’s a great place to visit for a relaxed drink and to meet other English speakers.

Pelican Beer

Pelican Beer is more of a craft beer store than a bar but some of the stores have indoor or outdoor tables so they’re definitely worth mentioning in this list.

If drinking craft beer outside is your kind of thing then this place is perfect.

They advertise around 40 different types of beer including mostly locally brewed beers including their own Pelican range of beers. My favorite is the Pelican White beer but there’s something for everyone.

It’s not the cheapest of options for beer but worth visiting for the quality and range of beers they offer.

If the weather is nice go to their branch on Sadik Azimov Street Opposite Eco Park. If not they have indoor tables at their branch on Mirabad Street, South of the city.

Rooftop Bars in Tashkent

Rooftop bars are especially popular in Tashkent. The city’s skyline is not littered with skyscrapers so the visibility is excellent. The sunsets here are not to be missed!

Lotte City Hotel Rooftop Bar

Lotte City Hotel Rooftop Bar

Sitting atop of Lotte City Hotel is 6 Floor Grill and Bar, a quiet rooftop bar and restaurant.

Located just opposite Navoi Theatre, it makes a great spot for some food or a couple of drinks with a great view of the fountain and theatre.

With daily live music in the spring and summer, it’s a great spot to relax at the end of a busy day.

View from roof of Lotte Hotel Bar
View of Navoi Theatre from the roof of Lotte Hotel Bar

Hyatt Regency Sette Restaurant & Bar (and 24 Hour Chai Lounge)

It’s not that well known but the Hyatt Regency Hotel has chic restaurant with a bar on its rooftop.  Sette Restaurant & Bar has a panoramic view of the city and isn’t too badly priced considering its reputation as a high class hotel.

You can get a local draft beer for 45,000 Som (about $4), and cocktails are generally 12,000-20,000 Som ($10-18).

You can find out more about the bar here.

Best after party bar in Tashkent: Chai Lounge

Chai Lounge is a 24 hour Lobby Lounge and styles itself as an ‘elegant and sophisticated place’.  It serves tea and coffee 24 hours but also serves champagne, wine and beers around the clock.

It’s the perfect late night/early morning after party place to further your tipsiness with a cocktail or to sober up with a coffee. You don’t have to be a hotel guest to go here.

Best Pubs in Tashkent

London Pub (Ye Olde Chelsea Arms), Tashkent

Recently renamed to Ye Olde London Pub, this place is styled as an English pub although it might not be quite as you imagine.

Inside it has all the usual design of an English pub: fireplace, wall paintings, TV screens, and a boar’s head.

Chelsea Pub, Tashkent
Watching the Euros with a pal at Chelsea Pub, Tashkent

The exterior is even more impressive.  The pub is styled as a Victorian building complete with clock tower, beer garden and satellite dish.

The beer garden is mostly used as a place to relax and smoke shisha but they also have TV screens for sporting events.

This pub is my favourite spot to watch sports.  They open until around 2 or 3am and played all the Euro 2020 games I requested and regularly play top level football games.

It’s bit pricier than the competition but still reasonable. Beware that the staff don’t speak much English.

It’s located on Abdulla Kahhar street, next to Gruzinskiy Dvorik (our favourite Georgian restaurant in Tashkent) making it the perfect next stop after some khachapuri.

Peggy’s Wild West Pub, Tashkent

Peggy's Bar Beers
Peggy’s Wild West Pub, Tashkent for Mexican food, steak, beers and live music

Peggy’s Bar & Grill is a Mexican restaurant and steakhouse with live music, some great steaks and Mexican food, and bloody good beer!

The musicians play 30 minute sets of acoustic music outside with livelier music and even a small dancing area inside.

It gets quite busy and can be slightly understaffed but we never had a bad time there.

We also had a magician come to our table and (mostly) impress us with his skills.

2023 Update: Formerly known as Peggy’s Bar & Grill, this place was very badly destroyed in a fire when I was visiting Tashkent in 2021.

We visited again in February 2023 and although they had fixed all the damage, the restaurant was quite different in terms of entertainment and service. The acoustic guitars had been replaced with electronic music and annoying 30 minute monologues from ‘entertainers’.

Whether this is a new style for the bar now or we just got unlucky is anybody’s guess. The jury is out on this one for now…

Irish Pub, Tashkent

There’s an Irish bar in most main cities around the world so this one needs no introduction.

It’s located on Shevchenko street, a mini cosmopolitan area of Tashkent with a few popular bars and cafes.

From the outside it has a quirky appearance styled like a castle turret.  Inside it’s packed with football scarves, international flags and wall-mounted musical instruments.

It’s quite small in size and so it gets busy quickly. It’s popular with the expat community so if you go at the weekend you’ll probably definitely need to book in advance.

As far as Irish pubs go it hasn’t got quite the energy or authenticity you might hope for but it’s a decent pub for a drink and some food.

For sports fans it has plenty of screens and we had no problem watching international and Premier League football. Again, just make sure you book in advance to avoid being disappointed.

Clubs in Tashkent

‘One More’ Bar

One More Bar
One More Bar, Tashkent

For the real party-goers, look no further than One More Bar—a nightlife hotspot that comes alive at 9pm and keeps the party going until the early hours.

This vibrant bar offers an exciting dance floor, thrilling bartenders’ shows, and live DJs spinning tunes all night long. The music varies, ranging from electronic beats to hip hop and R&B, with special nights dedicated to nostalgic hits from the nineties and noughties, perfect for Millennials seeking a blast from the past.

One More Bar may not be the most budget-friendly option in Uzbekistan, but its allure draws in both affluent locals and visitors from around the world.

The prices align more with what you’d expect in European cities, so be prepared for a slightly upscale experience. And remember, they do enforce a dress code, so come dressed to impress and ready to dance the night away in style.

Steam Bar, Tashkent (Uzbekistan’s best All Around Bar!)

Steam Bar is not only the best all-around bar in Tashkent but probably the best bar in the whole of Uzbekistan.

It’s the perfect place to hang out if you want a lively atmosphere with a friendly vibe and very affordable drinks.  It has eclectic music, great burgers and table service from costume-clad waiters.

Steam Bar Cocktails
Steam Bar Halloween Cocktails

Spread across two floors, they have simultaneous live bands and DJs playing a mix of pop, electronic and rock in a range of Western and central Asian styles.  It’s energetic but not in-your-face and you can leave your things at your table whilst you move to and from the dance floor.

Their regular live band is particularly popular with Millennials who appreciate live versions of Limp Bizkit, Back Street Boys, Rammstein, and Britney Spears all played back-to-back in the space of 10 minutes.

The bar also has a ‘steam punk’ theme: a darkened interior with retrofuturistic aesthetics.

If you have no idea what this means, think Victorian style steam-powered technology, goggles and ray guns.

Tashkent Steam Bar Machine Gun
Tashkent Steam Bar Machine Gun
Tashkent Steam Bar Candles


It caters to all age ranges, mainly those in their 20s and 30s but you won’t feel out of place if you’re older.

I was there myself within my first hour of arriving in Tashkent to meet my expat friend for a beer and a burger and never expected such a place in Uzbekistan.

If you only go to one bar make sure it’s Steam Bar as it’s by far the best.

Steam Bar, Tashkent
Steam Bar Live Music

Planning a visit to Uzbekistan?  Check out our post on the best activities in Tashkent.

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