Where to Stay in Tashkent in 2024: Best Areas for Tourists

Alisher Navoi Monument

Tashkent city is home to over 2 million people but the city itself is spread across a large area. With so little known about this place, it can be difficult to know where to stay in Tashkent.

We live here in the city and in this article we recommend the best areas to stay in Tashkent based on our own experiences, things to do, and eating and drinking.

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Where to stay in Tashkent: Quick Answer

For tourists in Tashkent, the best option is to stay within a 2km distance from Amir Timur Square.  Sightseeing opportunities in this area include the Navoi Theater, the canal, and the State Museum of the Timurids.  From here you’ll also find plenty of food and drink options within walking distance plus easy access to Tashkent’s metro.

Best Hotels in Amir Temur Square, City Center

For short stay tourists and families who want to stay in the center, we recommend Navoi Opera Square, a short walk from Amir Timur square.  This area is great for those who just want to relax and walk around the parks and cafes, have an ice cream and take photos.

Best Hotels Near Navoi Theater

Backpackers and Solo Travelers might want to stay in Mirabad for its bars, pubs and restaurants. It’s also the easiest for further transport as this area includes the airport and train station.

Book in advance and you can find some of the best value for money places to stay here.

Best Rated Hotels in Mirabad

For couples and food lovers, Mirzo Ulugbek district has plenty of restaurants and cafes. This is the area we visit if we want a relaxing night with a tasty dinner and a glass of wine.

Both Mirzo Ulugbek Park and Eco Park, located in this area, offer sports facilities and a mini theme park for visitors to enjoy. There are fewer hotels in this area but many apartments for rent.

Best Rated Hotels in Mirzo Ulugbek

For a cultural trip to see the more traditional side of Tashkent, the Eski Shahar is the old city of Tashkent and includes Chorsu bazaar and the Hazrati Imam mosque, thought to be house the world’s oldest copy of the Quran.

It’s a quieter area for tourists and there are some very highly rated hotels at very reasonable prices in this area.

Best Hotels in Tashkent’s Old City

Tashkent City Center

Tashkent City Best Areas to Stay

Tashkent city is divided into 11 districts but many of these are residential areas and of lesser interest to tourists.

The city is unofficially split into two parts: the old town and the new part.  The old town is situated in the West of the city starting roughly from Chorsu bazaar.  This area is mainly a residential area and most tourists will want to stay in the East of the city as there’s more to see and do.

Read on to learn more about the best neighborhoods to stay or check out our list of the best hotels in Tashkent.

1. Amir Timur Square and Surroundings

Any hotel within a couple of miles from Amir Timur Square will be a solid option for virtually every visitor to Tashkent due to its central location and ease of getting around.

Despite being so central, it has a relaxed vibe and you’ll feel very comfortable strolling around the area at all times of day.

Amir Temur Square, Tashkent Center
Amir Temur Square, Tashkent Center

Although not technically the center of Tashkent, Amir Timur Square certainly looks like its natural center on a map.  The square itself is limited for places to stay but the surrounding area is the most densely packed area for things to see and do.

From here you’re only a 10-15 minute walk to the Ankhor canal, State Museum of the Temurids, the Navoi theater, the State Museum of Art and lots more.

We recommend this area if you want to be surrounded by parks, museums and cafes all within walking distance.

Things to do and see

Amir Timur square should be on everybody’s to-do list.  It’s surrounded by museums, government buildings, upmarket restaurants and the infamous Hotel Uzbekistan.

This area is also home to the Navoi Theater, Tashkent TSUM (Central Department Store) and Independence Square and Ankhor Park which runs along the canal.

Here you’ll find the memorial square and its ‘Eternal Flame’, a small uninterrupted flame dedicated to those who lost their lives in the war.

Eating and drinking

This area has lots of cheap restaurants and cafes popular with locals and tourists.  ‘Ogni Tashkent’ Restaurant has great Russian and European food and is very reasonably priced.

For round-the-clock food go to Florya Café with a wide variety of cheap dishes.  Try Italian restaurant L’Opera or Zohid Kebab in Cosmonaut park if you want a good choice of pizza and pasta or late night kebabs and mint tea.

Hotels Near Amir Timur Square

Or read our review of the best 5 star luxury hotels in Tashkent city center.

2. Mirzo Ulugbek District

Mirzo Ulugbek is a large district of Tashkent, stretching from the city center all the way to its northeastern edge.

This district includes C1, one of the most modern parts of the city and a close second for places to stay in Tashkent.  It’s our favorite place to eat out as it has the largest number of modern style restaurants.

The stretch from Amir Timur square to Ecopark is dotted with dozens of small cafes and restaurants with options for everybody.

Things to do and see

In this area, both Ecopark and Mirzo Ulugbek Park offer attractions such as ponds, sports facilities, picnic areas, fairground rides, fountains, and even a mini Eiffel tower.

Tashkent Ekopark
Tashkent, Eco Park Lake

Opposite the Southern entrance to Ecopark is the grand-looking Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral.  Whilst most Uzbeks are Muslim, there are a number of (mainly Russian) Christians.  The building certainly stands out and gardens here make for nice photos.

C1 is also home to the Shastri monument, an Indian politician who was assassinated in 1966 in Tashkent.

Eating and drinking

This area is definitely our favourite area to eat.

C1 has all kinds of options from the high-end Pan-Asian restaurant Hori, its cheaper alternative Assorti, and cheese-themed restaurant Syrovarnya.

Bibigon café is a good option no matter what time of day it is and the creatively named ‘Shashleek’ restaurant at the North entrance of Ecopark has some of the best shashlik in Tashkent.

Best Hotels in Mirzo Ulugbek

3. Mirabad District

Mirabad district (Mirobod in Uzbek) is the trendier part of the city where the wealthier locals live in newly built apartments.

It actually spans a large area but the main areas for tourists are Taras Shevchenko Street and Mirabad Street. What this area lacks in sightseeing it makes up for with its restaurants, cafes and bars.

This area is fantastic for mid-range hotels and offers some of the best value for money.

It’s also a very short taxi or metro ride from Magic City Park and Aquarium, Alisher Navoi National Park, and Tashkent City Park and shopping mall.

Eating and drinking

Socials on Taras Shevchenko Street is great place for breakfast in Tashkent

In the evening just a couple of minutes walk up the street is The Irish Pub for a fun boozy evening. If you’re wanting a late night then head towards the bottom of Taras Shevchenko Street where you’ll find Queens Club (you’ll need to dress up at least a little to be allowed entry).

Just outside of the Mirabad area is our favourite Georgian restaurant Gruzinskiy Dvorik and the late opening Chelsea Pub (these days London Pub) for late night drinks or to smoke some shisha.

Things to do and see

This area is better for its nightlife than sightseeing but is home to Mirabad Bazaar, the State Museum of Art, and the Holy Assumption Cathedral which is free to enter.

Tashkent train station is also in this area if travelling by train to another city of Uzbekistan such as Samarkand, Bukhara or Khiva.

Hotels in Mirabad District

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4. Eski Shahar (Tashkent Old Town)

A visit to Eski Shahar to see Chorsu Bazaar is a must if you visit Tashkent.  The area is also home to Khast Imam, which is a complex of mosques, madrasas and museums.

Hazrat Imam Mosque, Old Town Tashkent
Hazrat Imam Mosque, Old Town Tashkent

The area around Chorsu is the start of the old town and is more of a quiet residential area.  It is much more religious and traditional than the other areas mentioned and is less popular for tourists as a place to stay.

Still, if you want to have a more traditional experience of the city, Eski Shahar has some of the best hotels in Tashkent.

From this part of the city it’s only a short taxi ride to Tashkent’s iconic TV Tower and the tranquil Japanese Garden.

Eating and drinking

As the Old Town of Tashkent is less popular with tourists you’ll find more traditional restaurants here.

Chorsu Bazaar itself has a small restaurant area for cheap local food if you can brave ordering unknown dishes.  Since it’s also the Muslim area of the city, you’ll find few places for alcohol.

Here, you’ll find few places catering to tourists so either brush up on your Uzbek/Russian or bring a friend (or digital translator) to help communicate.

Things to do and see

Chorsu bazaar and the Khast Imam are the highlights of the Tashkent Old Town.

Chorsu Bazaar Street Food
Street Food at Chorsu Bazaar

Home to what is considered to be one of the oldest copies of the Quran in the world, the Khast Imam square looks typical of the Uzbek-style of Islamic architecture also seen in Samarkand and Bukhara.  Think of sandy coloured buildings and turquoise domes.

For shopping, Chorsu bazaar is the place to go for a real Uzbek experience where you can buy anything from fruit and spices to clothes and souvenirs.

Best Hotels in Eksi Shahar

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Booking a hotel in Tashkent

Wherever you decide to stay in Tashkent, make sure you book in advance as the best hotels are booked fast. There isn’t a huge amount of good quality hotels in Tashkent so book sooner to avoid disappointment.

Still not sure? Check all the best rated accommodation in the city.

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