Best Restaurants in Khiva

Itchan Kala Walls

If you’re planning a trip to Uzbekistan’s historical city of Khiva then you’ll certainly want to sample the local cuisine.

Although there aren’t a huge number of options for places to eat in the city, this guide will share some of the best restaurants in Khiva.

At the end of the article we also share some of the local Khorezm specialties such as Tukhum Barak and Shivit Oshi.

Best Restaurants in Khiva

Terrassa Cafe & Restaurant

Terrassa is probably the most popular restaurant for tourists in Khiva owing to its central location, wide choice of traditional Uzbek food, and balcony and rooftop views of Itchan Kala.

Their rooftop has one of the best views of the city and is the perfect evening spot as the sun sets over the Kalta Minor Minaret.

Terrassa Restaurant Rooftop Khiva
Terrassa Cafe and Restaurant Rooftop

If you’re not sure what to choose or you’re only in Khiva for a short time, you can sample all of Khiva’s specialties with their ‘Eight Tastes’ set menu which has a mix of all local delights such as fried and steamed dumplings, shivit oshi, tukhum barak, gumma, and chicken and beef shashlik.

Terrassa Restaurant has some of the best shashlik in Khiva, grilled at the entrance to the restaurant. They even have a 50cm long ground beef shashlik!

It’s also the best restaurant for vegans with a number of plant-based meals such as seasonal vegetable soup and grilled vegetable salads. Serves alcohol.

Khiva Moon

Located outside of Itchan Kala just a 5 minute walk from the West gate, Khiva Moon is a family restaurant offering a cheaper alternative to the restaurants inside the old city.

With an extensive menu and attentive staff, what they lack in location they make up for in service. The large courtyard setting in front of the building is a great setting for warm weather outdoor eating.

Khiva Moon Restaurant
Shivit oshi, gumma, suzma (yogurt) and lemon tea

Specializing in local cuisine they serve shivit oshi, dumplings, Khiva style plov as well as a mix of soup and salads and much more. Serves alcohol.

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Sofra Restaurant

Catering to locals more so than tourists, Sofra restaurant is the most modern restaurant and probably the best value for money. Located a 20 minute walk out of the city, it’s well worth a visit for its mix of cuisine.

Sofra Restaurant Khiva
Family-friendly dining in Khiva

A very family-friendly restaurant, Sofra has a mix of Uzbek, Western and Turkish food such as steak, kebabs, burgers, and desserts.

Very limited choice for vegans, no alcohol.

Cafe Zarafshon

The most beautifully decorated restaurant in Khiva, Cafe Zarafshon has wooden beams, yellow brick archways, wall-mounted porcelain, and a wooden wheel chandelier.

A great spot for lunch as there are many light meals on the menu such as salads, soups, and Uzbek side dishes such as dumplings and somsa. Also good for vegans and vegetarians.

Service isn’t the best but worth a visit for the setting and the food.

Bir Gumbaz Tea House

Located right in the heart of Itchan Kala, Bir Gumbaz Tea House doesn’t have the most extensive menu but is a good place for a rest with a tea or coffee and some snacks.

The tea house seating indoor and outdoor and has a small souvenir shops inside. Given its location next to Kalta Minor Minaret, it definitely feels like one of the most touristic spots but prices aren’t so bad.

Best for a morning or afternoon break and some tea and dessert than for a meal.

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Khiva Food

Khiva is a part of the Khorezm region of Uzbekistan and Khorezm food is quite distinct, including certain dishes that are only found in this region as well as other traditional Uzbek food like shashlik.

Tukhum Barak

Tukhum Barak

Tukhum Barak is made of dough and is similar in shape and texture to ravioli but is filled with egg. It is boiled for a short amount of time and served with sour cream.

Shivit Oshi

Shivit Oshi

Shivit Oshi is a noodle dish considered to be Khiva’s version of lagman. Served with a meat and vegetable stew and sour milk, what makes this dish unique is the bright green color of its dill-infused noodles. This dish is perhaps the most intriguing dish for tourists and is definitely worth a try.


Uzbek Gumma

Gumma are fried crispy dumplings filled with either potato, spinach, ground beef, or pumpkin. They’re great for a snack when you’re in need of energy after roaming Khiva’s backstreets all morning!

Khorezm Plov

Each region of Uzbekistan prepares plov in a different way and what makes Khiva’s unique is that it contains little in the way of spices. Khorezm plov relies on the flavors of the main ingredients and uses yellow carrots, giving it a unique touch among Uzbekistan’s regional variations.

Sampling Khiva’s diverse cuisine is an essential part of your visit. While options are limited, this guide presents the city’s top dining spots.

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