Food Tours in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Food Tours

Some of the food tours in Uzbekistan can be quite expensive as they tend to be multi-day guided tours across the whole country.

If you’re looking for a cheap food tour in Uzbekistan, preparing, learning about, and enjoying Uzbekistan’s cuisine then you’re in the right place as here we’ve listed all the best food tours in the country.

Sample local Uzbek wine, learn the secrets of preparing Uzbek bread, or visit a bazaar before preparing Uzbekistan’s national dish, plov.

Best Gastronomic Tours in Uzbekistan


Plov and Samosa Cooking Class

Learn the art of crafting traditional Uzbek dishes like plov and samosas from scratch. Under expert guidance, chop, fry, and steam ingredients to perfection before indulging in your delectable creations. Ideal for food enthusiasts seeking hands-on experiences, this immersive class promises insight into Uzbekistan’s rich gastronomic heritage.

New | Length: 3 hours | See Prices

Vegan Tour

Explore Tashkent’s vibrant culinary scene on Akmal’s Vegan Food Tour. Wander through Chorsu Bazaar and Alay Bazaar, savoring plant-based delights like pumpkin dumplings and fried potato pies. Experience TSUM’s Uzbek-style vegan street food and end with Khorezmian cuisine (and maybe a draft beer or two!).

This customizable tour offers a glimpse into lesser-known parts of the city, accompanied by insightful anecdotes. Whether vegan or meat-eater, indulge in Tashkent’s rich flavors and Akmal’s charming expertise. Book your immersive food adventure today for a taste of authentic Uzbekistan.

Ratings: 5.0 | Length: 4 hours | See Prices

The best part of this tour was the opportunity to get to know the Uzbeks, their customs, and habits. Akmal speaks excellent English and patiently translates so you can talk to the people you meet with him.” – Read More Reviews

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Uzbek Cooking Class

Join Shodiyor, a knowledgeable local guide and passionate chef, for an immersive Uzbek Cooking Class in Samarkand.Begin with a guided tour of a bustling neighborhood market, then journey to Shodiyor’s home in the village of Eshim Oksok.

Learn to prepare two traditional dishes from scratch, choosing between plov or non (bread) and a salad, while delving into the rich history, culture, and art of Uzbekistan. You can also savor your creations alongside a glass of wine or vodka!

With round-trip transfers included from your central Samarkand hotel, indulge in authentic Uzbek cuisine and create lasting memories on this unforgettable culinary journey.

Pickup Included ✅ | Length: 4 hours | See Prices

Wine Tasting Tour

Uncover Uzbekistan’s hidden wine culture with this relaxing wine tasting tour. Despite being lesser-known, Uzbekistan boasts its own unique wine culture, flourishing in its favorable climate for grape cultivation.

After exploring the city’s UNESCO-listed heritage sites, experience delightful Uzbek wine at this popular winery. Sample a mix of local wines and cognacs while immersing yourself in the rich history of winemaking in Samarkand.

Ideal for both connoisseurs and novices, this tour offers a rare glimpse into Uzbekistan’s vinicultural heritage. Includes hotel transfers to and from your hotel.

Ratings: 4.5 | Length: 1 hour | See Prices

What a great experience! Tasted 7 different wines and 3 cognac. They have explained the wine’s origin well! Highly recommended.” – Read More Reviews…

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Breadmaking Masterclass

Experience the timeless tradition of preparing Uzbek bread with this breadmaking masterclass in Khiva. Held in a local restaurant, delve into Uzbekistan’s rich culinary heritage as you learn the art of crafting traditional ‘non’.

Discover the significance of bread in Uzbek food culture, where sharing bread symbolizes unity at family gatherings. Knead and shape your own loaf to perfection under the guidance of the experts. With included use of baking equipment, delight in the aroma of freshly baked bread as you savor it with a comforting cup of tea.

New Activity | Length: 1 hour | See Prices

Shivit Oshi Masterclass

Discover the secrets behind Shivit Oshi, a traditional Khivan dish, characterized by bright green noodles and savory beef stew. Led by our professional team, learn the art of preparing this local dish to perfection.

Unlike other regions, Khiva’s cuisine boasts an abundance of fresh herbs and vegetables, enhancing the dish’s freshness and flavor. With hands-on guidance, master the art of crafting these verdant noodles and indulge in the rich flavors of beef stew and tangy yogurt. Spend an hour creating and savoring this culinary delight amidst Khiva’s ancient surroundings.

Ratings: 5.0 | Length: 1 hour | See Prices

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If you’re looking for a multi-day tour across Uzbekistan, you’re in the right place. You can see all of our Uzbekistan Tour Packages here.

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