Tashkent’s Top Restaurants & Cafes for Vegetarian and Vegan Food

Vegan Food in Tashkent

Uzbek cuisine is predominantly meat-based, which can pose a challenge for vegans and vegetarians seeking meat-free options during their visit.

There are plenty of choices available to accommodate plant-based diets however and in this article we’ll share some of the best restaurants for vegans and vegetarians in Tashkent.

The best area for vegan food in Tashkent is known as C1. It’s a small area in the center of Tashkent which has a lot of modern style cafes and restaurants. While none of these establishments are strictly vegan, they each offer veggie options and will all have some experience of catering to vegans.

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Best Restaurants for Vegans in Tashkent

1. Eco Cafe

The best vegan restaurant in Tashkent is without a doubt Eco Cafe. Not only is it the only restaurant in Tashkent exclusively selling vegetarian and vegan food, but the cafe also hosts regular events such as live music performances, meet-ups and yoga.

You won’t find much authentic Uzbek vegetarian food but they do sometimes cook up a huge vegan plov.

Located in the basement of Eco Art Boutique Hotel, this restaurant has a fantastic vegan menu including vegan bowls and breakfasts, vegetable soups, hummus, avocado rolls and much more.

The Eco Cafe menu includes:

  • Vegan Breakfasts
  • Vegan Soups
  • Vegan Bowls
  • Veggie Wraps
  • Vegan Pizza
  • Vegan Smoothies
  • Coffee and Tea

Top Picks: Soy mince wrap, Vegan pizza, Tofu omelet

Address: 37 Olmachi Street

PS. If you’re a vegan or vegetarian traveling in Tashkent then Eco Art Boutique Hotel is the perfect hotel for your trip. You’ll be able to enjoy a hearty veggie breakfast or lunch and won’t have to worry about ordering the wrong dish!

It’s also great value for money and was the first hotel I ever stayed in when I first came to Uzbekistan.

2. Afsona

Afsona Restaurant
Afsona Restaurant

Afsona is self described as “contemporary Uzbek cuisine adapted to European taste“. They have many options for authentic Uzbek food with a vegan twist including fruit plov and spinach khanum.

Top Picks: Fruit plov, Spinach khanum, Pumpkin dumplings

Address: 30 Taras Shevchenko Street

3. Caravan

Caravan Restaurant
Eggplant dish at Caravan Restaurant

One of the oldest restaurants in Tashkent, Caravan doesn’t have a huge vegan menu but offers an authentic Uzbek experience.

Top Picks: Pumpkin dumplings, Charcoal-baked eggplant, Maysa basil salad

Address: 22 Abdulla Kahhar Street

4. Cafe Forn Lebnen

Cafe Forn Lebnen
Cafe Forn Lebnen

This Lebanese restaurant has a fantastic menu for vegans. Offers diverse healthy options from Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines.

Top Picks: Falafel, Hummus, Salads

Address: 29A Mirobod Street

5. Breadly

Breadly Cafe Artichoke Salad
Breadly Cafe Artichoke Salad

Not the cheapest option but Breadly Bakery has some of the Tashkent’s best bread and pastries.

Top Picks: Coconut milk porridge, Pancakes with caramel, Artichoke salad

Address: 30 Khamid Alimdjan Street (multiple locations)

6. The Curry House Indian Restaurant

Palak Paneer
Palak Paneer

The Curry House is one of the newest Indian restaurants in Tashkent but having visited several times I can tell you it’s the most popular!

Top Picks: Veg pakora, Palak paneer, Vegetable curry

Address: 42 Ivliev Street

7. Broccoli

Broccoli and Broccoli Park are styled as ‘healthy food cafes‘. Although they don’t exclusively cater to vegans, they do have plenty of veggie options

Top Picks: Spicy eggplant salad, Spinach samosa, Pumpkin samosa

Address: 7 Chekhov Street

Tashkent Vegan Street Food Tour

If you’re feeling lost for veggie options in Tashkent, fear not!

This Vegan Street Food Tour of Tashkent was started by local vegans who grew up in the city.

Taking you on an authentic tour of the bazaars and farmers markets, they offer to show you their veggie culinary experiences of Tashkent.

Offering local knowledge and personal stories, they promise you a fun and customized tour.

What’s included?

  • Half Day Tour
  • Four Locations
  • Customized to Your Preference
  • Private Transport
  • Coffee & Tea

Or read our review of Tashkent’s best vegan food tour.

In a city where meat reigns supreme, Tashkent’s growing appreciation for plant-based dining is a welcome surprise. These carefully selected restaurants offer a diverse array of vegan and vegetarian options, providing a delectable alternative to Uzbek cuisine’s meat-heavy tradition.

So, whether you’re an ardent vegan or simply seeking a break from meat, Tashkent has something exceptional to offer your palate. Explore the city’s culinary gems and savor the flavors of a new, plant-based perspective during your stay.

Read our guide for a full list of the most popular restaurants in Tashkent.

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