Spiced Tea and Sweets at Bukhara’s Silk Road Tea House

Bukhara Silk Road Tea House

Located discreetly on Khakikat Street, which is one of the bustling main thoroughfares in Bukhara’s Old Town, you’ll find The Silk Road Tea House. This charming family-run establishment invites you to savor authentic spiced teas and coffee and offers an introduction to Uzbek traditional treats. This family run tea house is one of Bukhara’s most underrated attractions and is worth a visit for the aroma alone. It’s quite easily the best cafe in Bukhara.

The drinks are made from high quality ingredients, the sweets are unlimited, and the ambience of the place is authentic yet unpretentious.

Silk Road Tea House in Bukhara
Uzbek sweets halva and navat

For just 50,000 Som, roughly equivalent to $4, guests can indulge in a choice of their extensive tea and Turkish coffee offerings, along with complimentary refills of Uzbek delicacies like halva and navat. With such an affordable price, you might find yourself wondering if there’s a catch.

The teas on offer include saffron tea, ginger tea, and a blended tea which includes cardamom, cloves, oregano, star anise, mint and cinnamon. If spiced teas are not your thing then you can choose from black, green and mint teas.

When it comes to coffee, they offer Turkish coffee that you can order in its pure form or infused with flavors of cardamom or cinnamon. If you’re new to Turkish coffee, I recommend opting for the milder strength, as it boasts a rather intense flavor profile.

Turkish Coffee in Bukhara
Turkish Cardamom Coffee

The interior strikes a balance between stylish and unassuming, featuring wooden tables and stone floors. The walls adorn themselves with rich crimson Bukharan rugs that help to muffle conversation echoes. Interestingly, The Silk Road Tea House refrains from playing any music, cultivating an intimate atmosphere where guests’ conversations softly murmur in the background.

Staff are happy for you to stay for an extended period of time, chatting with other tourists, playing card games, or reflecting on your travels. The tea house closes at 6pm and the staff will be polite in reminding you of this if (like me) you happen to arrive just before closing time.

Tea House in Bukhara

Guests can buy any of the teas, coffees, sweets and spices and although maybe at an inflated price compared to the local markets, will still be a relative bargain.

Whilst Bukhara’s Silk Road Tea House is certainly a tourist magnet, it manages to maintain its style and authenticity through its good quality drinks, choice of sweets, and warm and welcoming service. It’s definitely worth a visit if you happen to be thirsty after a day of sightseeing in Bukhara.

Silk Road Tea House Information

Address5 Halim Ibodov Street, Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Telephone+998 65 224 2268 or +998 93 383 4034
Opening Times10am – 6pm daily (times may vary)

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