Best Places for Coffee and Tea in Bukhara

Silk Road Tea House in Bukhara

Uzbekistan, a nation steeped in tea-drinking tradition, has embraced coffee in recent years. In the city of Bukhara where tea has long been king, coffee is finding its place.

As a manic coffee drinker, I scoured the city’s corners to unearth its finest coffee and tea establishments. From charming boutique coffee shops to well-known cafe chains, Bukhara’s caffeine scene has something for everyone.

Best Cafes in Bukhara

Silk Road Tea House

The Silk Road Tea House is undoubtedly the best tea and coffee house in Bukhara. Located in the heart of the city just moments from the Kalon Minaret, this tea house is just as much of a tourist attraction as it is a tea and coffee house. Walk in the front door and you’ll immediately be enticed by the table of aromatic spices.

Their menu is quite unique. Order a tea or coffee and you’ll also receive a small sample platter of Uzbek-style treats, featuring halva, navat, and dried fruits and nuts. The cost per person is 50,000 Som ($4) and this even includes free refills. Their drink selection includes options like spiced, ginger, or saffron tea, and plain, cardamom, or cinnamon Turkish coffee.

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Wishbone Cafe

Wishbone Cafe, nestled within the historic Tim Abdullah Khan trading dome, stands out as one of Bukhara’s most distinctive cafes. Founded by a German lady, this charming establishment seamlessly blends Uzbek ambiance with a touch of German flair through its tasty Kuchen (German cakes).

The cafe’s interior exudes an understated elegance, characterized by a monochrome palette of black and white. For those who prefer to soak in the Old City’s vibrant atmosphere, a number tables are placed outside, allowing you to savor your treats while observing the bustling life of Bukhara Old Town.

Lampa Aladdina Coffee

Lampa Aladdina Coffee
Lampa Aladdina in Sayfiddin Caravansaray

Tucked away inside the historic trading area of Sayfiddin Caravansaray, Lampa Aladdina Coffee stands out as one of Bukhara’s most visually appealing cafes. Also known as Aladdin Lounge Cafe, this top spot is ensconced amidst bustling souvenir shops, textile stalls, and jewelry boutiques, providing a serene escape just steps away from the bustling tourist hub.

Two majestic trees grow right through the stone floor of this open-air enclave, offering welcome shade from the scorching sun. While it’s a peaceful haven during the day, Lampa Aladdina Coffee transforms into one of the best bars in Bukhara in the evening.

Try their Aladdin tea which is made from 22 different types of tea leaf.

Coffee and Donuts

Coffee and Donuts
Leathery Cappuccino

If you’re still craving something delightful after indulging in plov and manti, make your way to Coffee and Donuts. This charming, family-run café offers a modest selection of delectable donuts, but it’s their coffee that steals the show. Tucked away on a quiet side street, just a minute from Lyab-i Hauz, it’s the perfect spot to satisfy your caffeine cravings. Don’t miss the chance to pair a freshly baked donut with a velvety cappuccino – a delightful combo that’s sure to please your taste buds.

Sultan Coffee

Located in the lobby of the Sultan Hotel in the heart of Bukhara’s Old Town, Sultan Coffee enjoys a prime location just a stone’s throw from the charming Old Town canal.

This cafe is a well-kept secret, often missed by passersby due to its discreet presence. Its low profile means you’ll likely have the place to yourself, adding to the allure of this cozy cafe. If you’re looking for a tranquil oasis, don’t hesitate to inquire with the waiter about sitting in the serene courtyard tucked away in the back – the perfect spot to savor your coffee in peace.

Halva Cafe

Halva Coffee
Halva Flavor Coffee

Halva Cafe, also known as Halva Book Cafe, is situated inside Toki Sarrofon, one of Bukhara’s remaining ancient trading domes. Here you can enjoy a variety of tea or coffee options, including a halva coffee. Made from Americano, milk and dissolved halva, this intriguing drink may pique your curiosity.

The cafe also sells snacks and light meals as well as a halva set, offering a small selection of different flavors of this Uzbek sweet.


Giotto is an Uzbek gelato and coffee chain with several branches across Tashkent and Samarkand. This modern building does look slightly out of place in the corner of Bukhara’s Old Town but it is a fairly popular cafe and gelataria. Best known for it’s ice cream, they also have coffee and tea options but perhaps not the best that the city has to offer.

Giotto Cafe Bukhara

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As Bukhara, a city well known for its tea tradition, opens its doors to coffee, we trust you’ll discover the perfect cafe to suit your taste From the famous Silk Road Tea House to the unique Wishbone Cafe and the quaint Lampa Aladdina Coffee, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you fancy Uzbek-style treats at Halva Cafe or a peaceful moment at Sultan Coffee, Bukhara’s coffee scene is merging with its tea culture. Each cafe has its own story, offering you a taste of this historic city, one cup at a time.

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