Tashkent EcoPark: Sports, Picnics and Strolls (With Photos)

Tashkent Eco Park

Tashkent Ecopark is one of the most popular of the many green areas of the city and a popular place for sports, picnics or an evening stroll.

It’s also the place where the two founders of this website first met.

Does this make it Tashkent’s most romantic park?

Find out as we add it to our growing list of Tashkent parks and amusement parks.

This article is one of our many reviews of the best parks in Tashkent.

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Origins and Evolution

Originally opened in 2017, Tashkent Ecopark aimed to become the city’s first ecological park, featuring sculptures crafted from recycled plastics and promoting environmental consciousness.

However, along the way, its eco-friendly vision faded, and it now resembles a typical park with no such ecological features.

These days, the park instead emphasizes the importance of nature and well-being.

Water Fountain at Tashkent Ecopark
A glimpse of Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral near Ecopark

Sports Facilities and Nature Focus

Tashkent Ecopark has found new purpose in offering diverse sports facilities.

Visitors can partake in tennis, badminton, volleyball, football, and table tennis across designated areas.

Additionally, a small gym building provides squash courts and fitness classes like yoga and zumba.

Ecopark Volleyball

The Ecopark official site is here.

Despite having a cycle path, bicycles and scooters are prohibited within the park to ensure pedestrian safety due to its high foot traffic.

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An ‘Ecopark’ Identity

While the exact reasons for its “ecopark” designation today may not be clear, Tashkent Ecopark sets itself apart by prioritizing nature and exercise over amusement rides like other parks in the city such as Tashkent Ankhor Lokomotiv Park.

It remains one of the few parks in the city that focuses on providing a tranquil environment for physical activities.

EcoPark Badminton

EcoPark Lake

The park’s main attraction, for non-sporting visitors, is the artificial lake nestled towards the lower end.

The lake offers a pleasing sight when filled with water, but unfortunately, it remains dry for a considerable portion of the year.

Nevertheless it’s particularly nice for a walk in the spring or summer, especially when the frogs and ducklings are around.

Ekopark Lake
Ekopark Lake

Evening Vibes and Special Events

As the sun sets, Tashkent Ecopark comes alive with a vibrant atmosphere, drawing local residents in large numbers.

The park features a pleasant picnic area at the top, secluded by trees and offering ample shade. No picnic tables are available so bring a sturdy mat for a comfortable experience.

During warmer weather, the park occasionally hosts live events such as music performances and outdoor cinema screenings.

We were fortunate enough to stumble upon a yoga and psychedelic music festival, a rare occurrence in Uzbekistan!

Facilities, Dining, and Recommendations

Tashkent Ecopark houses several stalls selling fast food, coffee, popcorn, and ice cream.

La Cantine Cafe, located on the southern side of the lake, is the only restaurant within the park. Although it may be mildly overpriced, it provides picturesque photo opportunities from its balcony overlooking the lake.

La Cantine Cafe, EcoPark

Visitors can also explore the free-to-use observatory tower, which hosts a Baskin Robbins outlet. Near the park’s North entrance, you’ll find the creatively named ‘Shashlik’ restaurant, specializing in shashlik dishes.

Additionally, just a short walk outside the park, Wendy’s burger chain restaurant, Breadly cafe and Beanberry offer alternative dining options.

Beanberry Cafe

Our Verdict and Recommendations

Tashkent Ecopark offers a pleasant ambiance, particularly for sports enthusiasts. However, it may not offer much excitement for children, especially considering the frequent draining of its lake.

While suitable for an afternoon picnic or a leisurely stroll around the lake in the evening, it does lack a certain spark.

If your time in Tashkent is limited, we recommend visiting the more picturesque Alisher Navoi National Park or the small but lively Mirzo Ulugbek Park.

For families with kids, the vibrant Magic City Park proves to be a superior choice.

Tashkent Ecopark Information

Address: Khamid Alimdjan Street, Tashkent

Opening Hours: 6am to 11pm

Fee: Free


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