Tashkent Tower: Central Asia’s Soaring Experience (with Restaurant Review)

View from Tashkent Tower

In September 2022, my family and I attempted to visit the Tashkent TV Tower, but unfortunately, the observation deck and restaurant were undergoing renovation at the time. Despite being offered the chance to pay the full price to visit a mini construction site, we opted out of this opportunity. However, we decided to return in April 2023 to witness the improvements made to the tower.

Previously, the restaurant had a reputation for serving low-quality food with poor service and an outdated atmosphere. We were curious to see if the restaurant had undergone significant changes or was still serving miserable Soviet-style slop!

Keep reading to discover our experience and restaurant review.

Tashkent TV Tower Information

Tashkent Tower, also known as the Tashkent TV Tower, is a prominent landmark in the city of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Completed in 1985, the tower stands at a height of 375m, making it one of the tallest structures in Central Asia and the 12th tallest tower in the world according to Wikipedia’s list of tallest towers.

The primary purpose of the tower is TV and radio broadcasting, but it also serves tourists with its observation station and 109m elevated restaurant. The tower offers panoramic views of the city, and the restaurant provides a unique dining experience that combines food and a stunning view.

Tashkent TV Tower
Tashkent Tower: Central Asia’s 375m Structure

Visiting Tashkent Tower

Visiting Tashkent Tower is easy as it is open seven days a week from 10 am to 8 pm. The entry fee is 40,000UZS, which is around $4.

In the past, visitors were required to show their passports to gain entry, but this was not enforced as of our visit in April 2023. However, it is a legal requirement to carry your passport at all times in Uzbekistan, so it’s best to carry it with you anyway.

After passing through security, visitors walk down a corridor lined with replicas of other famous towers from around the world, such as Germany’s Berlin TV Tower and Seoul’s Namsan Tower.

At the end of the corridor is a mosaic and a replica of Tashkent’s TV Tower. Visitors can then take the elevator to the observatory on the 6th floor, which offers panoramic views of the city.

The observation deck provides a great view of nearby landmarks, including Aqua Park, the Japanese Gardens, Minor Mosque, and the Memorial to the Victims of Repression.

As you can see from the photos, we visited during a murky afternoon and the view was nice but not perfect.  We recommend visiting just before sundown on a sunny day to catch a glimpse of Tashkent’s beautiful sunsets.

Your whole visit probably won’t take more than 1 hour as other than the view (which is definitely worth it) there isn’t really anything else to do if you’re not visiting the restaurant.

After visiting Tashkent tower you might want to visit Tashkent Plov Center, now known as Beshqozon, relax in the Japanese Gardens or walk down the canal at the Memorial to the Victims of Repression.

Tashkent Memorial Park View
The View of Tashkent Memorial Park from Tashkent Tower

Tashkent Tower Restaurant: Koinot

The tower itself may feel a little outdated, but the observation area and restaurant have recently been renovated to a nice standard. The restaurant, Koinot, which means space in Uzbek, is a pleasant surprise.

Previously, the restaurant had a reputation for being overpriced and serving poor quality food as well as for its tired decor. We came for a late lunch and were pleasantly surprised!  Admittedly, the food was fairly average but the view and the service more than made up for it.

Tashkent Tower Restaurant
Cappuccino Served 109m High: Tashkent Tower’s Koinot Restaurant

Interesting fact: the restaurant actually rotates slowly, allowing diners to enjoy a panoramic view of the city without leaving their seats. The staff informed us that it takes roughly an hour to complete a full rotation so order a drink, relax and enjoy the view.

The menu offers standard international meals such as salads, soups, spaghetti, and steak, as well as a small selection of Central Asian dishes like Lagman.  As for drinks, they have a choice of soft drinks, some decent coffee and beer, wine and whiskey.

Tashkent Koinot Restaurant
The View from Tashkent Tower’s Newly Renovated Koinot Restaurant

There is live music in the restaurant each night, and it is open until 11 pm. They even offer marriage proposal packages for $50 or $100, where they decorate your table and the floor with flowers for the evening.

There are some negative reviews online, but most of them predate the recent renovation. As long as you go for the experience and don’t have giant expectations for the food, you’ll enjoy the view and the atmosphere.

Eating out in Tashkent? Read our Tashkent restaurant reviews page.

How to Get to Tashkent TV Tower

The tower is located to the north of Tashkent and lies roughly in the middle of Bodomzor and Shahriston metro stations, which are both around a 10-15 minute walk. 

Taxis can also drop you off right outside the tower, and using a taxi app like Yandex is easy as you can simply type Tashkent Tower in English.

In conclusion, Tashkent Tower is an impressive landmark that offers visitors a unique view of the city.

It might not be the highlight of your trip, but 1 hour in the observation deck and restaurant provide a great experience for anyone looking to enjoy a panoramic view of Tashkent while dining.

If you’re in Tashkent, don’t miss the opportunity to visit

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