Best Shopping Malls in Tashkent

Shopping Malls in Tashkent

Shopping in Tashkent can be hit or miss due to the costs of importing foreign brands. However, Uzbekistan has a range of shopping malls offering clothes, cosmetics, and crafts for various budgets.

Many malls go beyond shopping, providing extra facilities like food courts, cinemas, children’s play areas, and even ice rinks, making them perfect for a fun-filled day out.

Whether you’re a shopping addict, window shopper or just looking for a cool place to go for a stroll, this guide will show you some of the best shopping malls in Tashkent.

Shopping Stalls in Tashkent

Quick Summary:

For a complete shopping mall experience, including window shopping, coffee, ice cream, and children’s activities, visit Next Mall.

If you prefer mid-range high street brands like Levis and Tommy Hilfiger, Riviera Mall is the place to go.

For luxury tastes, explore Podium Boutique, offering brands like Burberry and Emporio Armani, though it may not be the best spot for bargains.

1. Riviera Mall

Riviera Mall

Spanning three floors, Riviera Mall houses recognizable high street brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Lacoste, Sketchers, and Mango.

You’ll also find a Samsung shop, cosmetics stores, homeware shops, and the renowned jeweler Swarovski. Prices aren’t particularly cheap here so don’t expect too many bargains.

Next Mall’s top floor is a mini haven for kids with Luna Park, a large indoor play area featuring trampolines, ball pits, and slides. Parents can unwind while enjoying food and drinks from popular spots like Black Star Burger and Gosht (a well-liked meat and burger restaurant).

On the third floor, you’ll find the ice rink, spanning 450 square meters and accommodating up to 50 people at a time. The price is 35,000 Som for children under 9 and 40,000 Som for those over 9.

The mall is also home to a cinema although they only show movies in Russian and Uzbek.

Location5 Nurafshon St, Tashkent
Opening Hours10am – 10pm Sun – Thurs; 10am – 11pm Fri and Sat
Riviera Mall Information

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2. Next Mall

Next Mall, Tashkent

With a vibrant atmosphere, Next Mall provides an overall enjoyable shopping experience. It offers fewer brands than Riviera Mall but has a relaxed environment with lesser-known international brands and local craft stalls.

At Next Mall you can enjoy a leisurely time window shopping, sipping coffee, and having ice cream.

The mall also has a children’s play area, though not as extensive as Riviera’s. Food options include popular Gusttimo ice cream, Turkish restaurant ‘Kapadokya,’ and several fast-food eateries.

Ice City

Notably, Next Mall is also home to ‘Ice City’, a large indoor theme park aimed at families.

As the name might suggest, the attraction is a Winter-themed attraction, offering a ‘Frozen Lake’ ice rink, Bobsled  and Air Balloon rides, and the only indoor ski slope in Uzbekistan amongst many other attractions.

LocationBobur ko’chasi, Тоshkent
Opening Hours10am – 10pm daily
Next Mall Information

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3. Mega Planet

Mega Planet, Tashkent

Mega Planet, the first modern shopping mall in Tashkent, may feel a bit dated these days.

It offers 23 women’s stores and 14 men’s stores, along with vendors selling watches, jewelry, and perfume. The first two floors are lined with market stalls selling mainly women’s clothing, offering lower prices but varying quality.

The mall provides a food court, ten-pin bowling, and a small indoor play area for children. There is also a cinema although it looks to have been closed for several months.

Mega Planet Bowling

Situated in Yunusabad, in the north of the city, Mega Planet’s location, dated interior, and lack of high-quality shopping might make it less appealing to most tourists.

Location2b Ahmad Donish ko’chasi, Тоshkent
Opening Hours10am – 11pm daily
Mega Planet Information

4. Podium Boutique

Advertising brands such as Burberry, Emporio Armani, Versace and Stone Island, Podium Boutique is a small boutique on Broadway Alley in central Tashkent.

Catering to wealthy locals and visitors, Podium Boutique sells luxury brand handbags as well as women’s and men’s shoes and clothing.  It’s a very quiet place so don’t expect too many other customers to be around.

5. Central Department Store (TsUM)

Located in the city center at the top of Park V Tashkente, Central Department Store sells various items from clocks and watches to suitcases.

Central Department Store (TsUM)

Known locally as TsUM, the store also houses stalls selling quirky and somewhat dated items from chess sets and globes to swords, and model pirate ships!

Though it may feel like a museum rather than a serious shopping destination, it could be worth a visit if you’re in the area or looking for unique souvenirs.

6. Samarkand Darvoza

Samarkand Darvoza is one of the largest malls in the city, catering more to locals than tourists.

It boasts a wide variety of mid-range clothing stores, though the quality of the goods may not always align with the price tags.

Despite this, the mall offers an extensive selection of shops, including men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, accessories, homeware, cosmetics, and more.

The food court features a mix of local and international fast food brands like KFC, Wendy’s Burger, and Baskin Robbins.


In conclusion, Tashkent offers a diverse range of shopping mall experiences, catering to various tastes and preferences.

While some malls like Riviera Mall and Next Mall provide a vibrant atmosphere with recognizable high street brands and extra facilities for families, others like Podium Boutique offer a more exclusive and upscale shopping experience.

While shopping for well-known brands can be pricey due to import costs, the malls also feature local craft stalls and unique finds.

So, whether you’re searching for fashion, cosmetics, or homeware, these shopping malls are worth exploring during your time in Tashkent. Each mall has its own distinct charm and offerings, providing an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local shopping culture while enjoying various amenities and entertainment options.

Happy shopping in Tashkent!

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