Ice City, Tashkent: Uzbekistan’s Indoor Snow Park [Review & Photos]

Ice City: Ice Rink

Looking for something fun and unusual to do in Tashkent?

If you’ve ever wanted to experience ice and snow in the summer then look no further than Ice City.

As part of our series on things to do in Tashkent with kids, we kidnapped borrowed 3 Uzbek children and took them around Tashkent’s Ice City attraction to see what it had to offer!

From ice skating and snow slopes to haunted houses and hotdogs, Ice City had plenty to offer for children (and adults). Read on to find out more about its attractions…

Ice City Crazy Slide
Brave volunteers prepare to descend the ‘Crazy Slide’

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Ice City Introduction

Opened in 2019, this attraction for kids spans an indoor area of over 5,000 square meters and more than a dozen different attractions.

The park styles itself as a “unique indoor theme park, where you can fully enjoy the winter entertainment even during the hottest time of the year“.

In a country which regularly hits 40°C/104°F temperatures in the summer months, this amusement park offers a cool retreat from the Uzbek heat.

Our diverse group of adventurers included a trio of young explorers aged 6, 8, and 10, accompanied by a seasoned 35-year-old who brought a touch of grumpiness to the mix. Together, we embarked on a thrilling journey through a variety of attractions.

Ice City Waterfall
Our Fearless Team of Volunteers

Ice City Attractions

‘Frozen Lake’ Ice Rink

Ice Rink in Tashkent
Tashkent Ice City’s ‘Frozen Lake

Ice City’s centerpiece is its 1,800 square meter ice rink, surrounded on 3 sides by viewing platforms.

Novices will be pleased to know that it’s beginner-friendly. We watched plenty of skaters of all abilities from complete beginner to wannabe Olympian.

Beginners can rent a ‘tutor’ – a whale-shaped piece of equipment with handlebars to help keep them on their feet!

Ice City: Ice Rink
Beginner Ice Skating in Tashkent

The entry fee to the ice rink is 25,000 Som for a 30 minute session; a tutor costs an additional 10,000 Som.

Ski Slope

Tashkent Indoor Ski Slope
Tashkent’s Only Indoor Ski Slope

The ski slope, advertised as Uzbekistan’s “only indoor snow covered ski and snowboard trail“, was unfortunately a disappointment.

The 46m snow-covered slope boasts skiing and snowboarding but at the time of visiting was only open to sledding.

Perhaps something was lost in translation but the attendant denied there even being any snowboarding (despite being stood in front of around 30 snowboards!).

This was a shame as the cost of a 30 minute session including rental is only 25,000 Som.

‘Bob Mountain’

Bob Mountain Ice City Slide

When you first lay eyes on Bob Mountain from afar, it might seem like a gentle kiddie attraction, but in truth, it’s a heart-pounding adrenaline rush waiting to happen!

Just 20 seconds into the ride, it became evident that this bobsleigh experience was better suited for fearless children rather than grumpy adults!

This bobsled ride garners what feels like quite a lot of speed in a short time and has you flying up the sides of the twisted ice track as you pray it doesn’t flip over.

Ice City Bob Mountain
Panic at Bob Mountain!

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‘Kamic Ice’

Next up was another icy adventure, this time in the form of a serpentine slide. The fearless sisters eagerly grabbed their cameras while the boys took their seats, anxiety creeping in.

After ascending three flights of stairs, riders settled into snug ice rafts, ready to descend the corkscrew-like ice slide. We’ll let the camera do the talking for this glacial experience…

Hot Air Balloon

As we were about to leave Ice City, we spotted a hot air balloon next to the skate park.

This was an unexpected extra since it’s not mentioned on the official website.

The balloon periodically flies to a height of about 30m before descending back down and makes for a great photo opportunity.

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Other Ice City Attractions

Some of the other highlights included:

  • An Air Balloon that hovers around the ceiling of the whole building giving a tour from above.
  • Crazy Slide‘ – another ice slide – this one being a little tamer!
  • An ice track for Mini Cars for those scared of skating.
  • A Snow Playground for younger children to build a snowman and throw snowballs etc.
  • A Viking River boat trip.
  • A Speed Skating track for the more confident skaters.
  • A Steam Train to take you on a tour of the park.
  • A Haunted House (because why not??)
Ice City Mini Cars
Ice City Mini Cars

Ice City Review

If you’re looking for somewhere to entertain the kids for a couple of hours then this is a fantastic spot to visit. Likewise if you’re just wanting to avoid the heat, then a visit to Ice City will be a soothing one.

Our 6-year-old team member started feeling chilly after just an hour, so it’s essential to bundle up warmly. A cozy jacket and a hat should be considered the bare minimum to stay comfortable.

One criticism is the limited food choices within the park. Apart from doughnuts and hotdogs, there were very few options available. If you’re planning on spending an extended amount of time here, it’s advisable to have a meal beforehand or pack some snacks to bring along.

Overall the park was a lot of fun, even for a grumpy 35 year old. Your experience will depend on the age (and bravery) of your companions.

The girls (8 and 10 years old) loved it but younger children might not be old enough for many of the attractions.

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Ice City Gallery

Ice City Information

Entry Fee:5,000 Som entry fee (plus ride fees 5,000 – 25,000 Som)
Opening Hours:10am – 10pm daily
Location:Tashkent, Yakkasaray district, 6 Bobur Avenue
How to get there:Go to Next Shopping Mall and walk out of the back door
Telephone:(+998) 71 209 00 77
Ice City Information

To enter the park you need to buy a card for 5,000 Som (about $0.40!) which you then top up with credit to pay for each attraction.

Rides cost between 10,000 and 30,000 Som each with the 30 minute attractions being the most expensive.

You can leave the park and come back so long as you keep your card.

Due to the lack of quality food, you might want to eat first, bring some snacks or leave the park to eat.

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