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Registan Samarkand

The mysterious yet fascinating Silk Road country of Uzbekistan is only a 3 hour flight away and there are plenty of reasons to make this your next holiday destination.

From the majestic architecture to the warm hospitality, Uzbekistan offers a totally unique experience if you’re looking for your next adventure.

Uzbekistan received a record number of Indian tourists in 2023 and it looks like 2024 is set to host even more!

In this article, we’ll see why Uzbekistan tours from India have captured the interest of so many tourists.

And yes, it is a very safe place to visit!

Ark of Bukhara view from Bukhara Tower
Ark of Bukhara view from Bukhara Tower

Why Visit Uzbekistan From India?

There are many reasons to visit Uzbekistan from India including the rich culture and history, the warm weather, cheap prices and a hearty cuisine that will sound tempting to Indians looking for an adventure.

As a country located on the ancient Silk Road, Uzbekistan and India have a shared history. Most notably, Babur, originating from Andijan in modern-day Uzbekistan, established the Mughal Empire that governed India between 1526 and 1857.

Spices, silk, gold, cotton, and silk was peddled by merchants for thousands of years. Historical figures such as Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, and of course, Amir Temur all roamed these paths, leaving their mark on the rich Silk Road history.

Some of the unforgettable experiences for travel in Uzbekistan include:

  • Getting lost in a mediaeval palace inside of a city fortress in Khiva’s “open air museum” Itchan Kala.
  • Going shopping for handmade silk rugs, traditional ceramics and garments in the trading domes of Bukhara.
  • Enjoying a campfire whilst staying overnight in a yurt in the desert.
  • Sampling huge portions of hearty Uzbek cuisine after a day of sightseeing in Samarkand.

Uzbekistan is home to 5 world UNESCO heritage sites, some of which are a treasure chest of ancient and mediaeval fortresses, mausoleums, palaces, minarets, madrasas, mosques, and more. There are hundreds of beautiful places in Uzbekistan.

Food and Drink

Indian tourists in Uzbekistan might find the Uzbek cuisine more familiar than they expected, sharing some similarities with their own cuisine.

The national dish of Uzbekistan plov, is a rice dish, cooked with red meat, vegetables and spices and is a distant cousin of pilaf or pilau rice.

Uzbek Plov
Uzbekistan’s National Dish Plov

Other food that Indians might find familiar include Uzbek style samosas, shashlik kebabs, and Uzbek bread, non.

Tea is also a very popular beverage here, often served with sugar and lemon.

As a secular country, alcohol is freely available in restaurants, bars, and hotels. Vodka is the drink of choice for locals, but beer, local and international wine, as well as imported spirits, can also be found everywhere.

Cost of Visiting

Forbes India notes that the Uzbek currency, som, offers favorable exchange rates against the Indian rupee, making it a budget-friendly destination. At the time of writing 1 INR is around 150 Uzbek som.

A hearty meal in a local restaurant can be bought for around 200 rupees and comfortable hotels in UNESCO heritage sites can be booked from 2,000 INR per night.

Not to say that everything is cheap – there is a growing appetite for fancy restaurants and 5 star hotels, especially in capital city Tashkent. Uzbekistan has options for travellers of all budgets.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

Uzbekistan has a warm and dry climate and the spring and autumn seasons will be a delight for Indian holidaymakers looking for a break.

The weather from April until early June and from late August until early November is sunny almost every day offering a warm and comfortable experience.

Temperatures during the peak of summer, from late June until August, can be uncomfortably high, often exceeding 40°C. It’s therefore advisable to plan your trip for spring or autumn instead. Read more on when to travel.


Given the limited knowledge about Uzbekistan, a common question is that of safety in the region.

Rest assured, Uzbekistan is a very safe country, especially for tourists visiting its popular destinations. As a community-based society, Uzbek people take care of their visitors and the streets are very safe to walk around.

Don’t just take our word for it – the governments of dozens of countries consider Uzbekistan to be a safe country, including the US government who label it a ‘level 1’ country, in the same class as Switzerland and New Zealand.

Uzbekistan Tours from India

One of the best ways to explore the Silk Road is to book a tour of Uzbekistan, guided by experienced and knowledgeable locals.

The cheapest and more convenient way to do this is to book your own flights from India and have local tour operators organise your accommodation, transport, and tour guides as a package.

Here are some of our top picks for tours of Uzbekistan for Indian citizens based on ratings from other satisfied customers.

2 Day Tour from Tashkent

Rating: 5.0⭐ | Days: 2 | See Price

Light on time? This two day tour squeezes all the most popular attractions of Uzbekistan’s top two cities into one smooth trip.

Take advantage of Uzbekistan’s comfortable speed trains and visit the most beautiful parts of Samarkand and Bukhara.

6 Day Tour

Rating: 5.0⭐ | Days: 6 | See Price

A 6 day trip is just enough time to enjoy sightseeing in the top 3 cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva at a leisurely pace.

This trip is customisable, catering specifically to your owns needs – be that cuisine, history, or architecture.

Two Week Tour

Grand Tour
Rating: 5.0⭐ | Days: 14 |See Price

This two week grand tour of Uzbekistan passes through all of Uzbekistan’s main attractions such as the historical cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva.

It also includes hidden gems in off-the-beaten path destinations such as the ship cemetery in Muynaq and the ancient settlement of Ayaz-Kala.

Other Tour Types

Shah i Zinda

As well as multi-day tours, there are dozens of day trips, city tours, food and drink tours, religious and spiritual tours, activities and much more.

Tourism in Uzbekistan is growing rapidly and the number of available tours is growing each month. For a list of all the highest rated tours read visit o-ur partner site.

If you’d like to learn more about travel in Uzbekistan then read our guide to travel in Uzbekistan.

List of All Uzbekistan Tour Packages

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