Uzbekistan Tours for Travel in 2024/2025

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Start your next adventure through Central Asia with our carefully crafted selection of Uzbekistan tours for travel in 2024/2025.

Discover the treasures of the Silk Road; visit the majestic madrasas of Samarkand and the minarets of Bukhara and Khiva; or venture into the breathtaking landscapes of the Uzbek countryside.

Explore the wonders of Uzbekistan through our selection of cultural, historical, culinary, and adventure tours below.


Uzbekistan Tours

Classic Uzbekistan 2 Day Tour

Ark of Bukhara view from Bukhara Tower

Tashkent – Bukhara – Samarkand – Tashkent

If you’re short on time, explore Uzbekistan’s main tourist cities in just 2 days, traveling by train.

Rating 5.0 | See Prices

Classic Uzbekistan 3 Day Tour


Tashkent – Bukhara – Samarkand – Tashkent

Indulge in a more relaxed exploration of Uzbekistan’s main tourist cities over 3 days.

Rating 4.5 | See Prices

Classic Uzbekistan 6 Day Tour

Itchan Kala. Khiva

Tashkent – Khiva – Bukhara – Samarkand – Tashkent

Experience the ultimate Uzbekistan adventure with our 6-day tour, visiting all four of the country’s main cities to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the iconic sights and cultural highlights.

Rating 5.0 | See Prices

Classic Uzbekistan 8 Day Tour

Registan Samarkand

Tashkent – Khiva – Bukhara – Samarkand – Tashkent

Explore Uzbekistan’s main cities over a relaxing 8 days with optional extra tours in Samarkand and Bukhara, diving deep into the country’s history and culture.

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One Day City Tours

If you’re just seeking a guided tour in one particular city, these are some of the best one-day city tours available.


As the capital city, Tashkent has the most diverse tour options including regular city tours, cultural tours, food tours, Soviet architecture tours, day trips to the mountains, and plenty of day trips starting and ending at your Tashkent hotel.

As the capital city, Tashkent offers the most diverse tour options, including regular city tours, cultural excursions, food adventures, Soviet architecture explorations, day trips to the mountains, and various excursions starting and ending at your Tashkent hotel.

Most popular: Tashkent Group City Tour


The most comprehensive tour of Tashkent, visiting all the city’s main attractions, including the bustling Chorsu Bazaar, Hazrati Imam complex, Amir Temur Square, and more.

Rating: 5.0 | Length: 6-7 hours | See Prices

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Samarkand, the cultural capital of Uzbekistan, is the country’s main city for tourism, boasting some of the finest medieval architecture in the world. It’s best known for its majestic Registan Square but also visited for the beautiful blue tilework of the Shah-i-Zinda necropolis and Gur-Emir, the grave of the legendary Amir Temur.

Most popular: Samarkand City Tour


Discover Samarkand’s most iconic landmarks like the Registan, Gur Emir Mausoleum, Bibi-Khanym Mosque, Shah-i-Zinda plus some lesser known spots such as the silk carpet factory and Khoja Daniyor Mausoleum.

Rating: 5.0 | Length: 6-7 hours | See Prices

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Bukhara Tours

The ancient city of Bukhara flourished as a major trade center on the Silk Road and emerged as a hub of Islamic thought, nurturing many important scholars. Throughout history, numerous empires have risen and fallen, each leaving its indelible mark on this delightful city.

It’s one of the most charming places in Uzbekistan and our personal favorite city to visit. It’s also the best place in Uzbekistan to buy traditional souvenirs such as silk carpets, traditional dresses, musical instruments and more.

Most popular: Bukhara Old City Tour

Bukhara Trading Domes at Night

Leave no part of Bukhara untouched as you visit 14 of its most beautiful mosques, madrasas, and minarets. This action-packed one-day private tour combines facts and legends from this enchanting ancient city.

Rating: 5.0 | Length: 5-7 hours | See Prices

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Khiva Tours

A visit to dreamy Khiva is akin to stepping into a time capsule. It’s home to the Itchan Kala, an inner fortress city steeped in over 2,000 years of history. Concealed behind its towering 10-meter-high walls lie dozens of exquisite mosques, madrasas, minarets, and palaces, awaiting your exploration.

Most popular: Khiva Itchan Kala Walking Tour

Itchan Kala at Night

Roam every backstreet of Khiva’s UNESCO-listed Itchan Kala, the “City of a Thousand Minarets” and “Open-air Museum”. The blue-domed gates of this magical fortress await you on this one day city tour.

Rating: 4.5 | Length: 4-5 hours | See Prices

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Fergana Valley Tours

The Fergana Valley, stretching across eastern Uzbekistan and parts of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, is renowned as the most traditional region of the country, serving as a hub for crafts and agriculture. Experience traditional silk weaving and ceramic making, diverse landscapes, and religious sites.

Fergana Tours

See all tours in the Fergana Valley.

Specialist Tours

If you’re looking for a particular type of tour, we currently have the following:

We are working on adding more tours to our list including:

  • Luxury Tours
  • Hiking & Trekking Tours
  • Adventure Tours
  • Eco Tours
  • Wildlife & Nature Tours
  • Archaeological Tours
  • MICE/Business Tours
  • Health & Medical Tours

Please check back at a later date or get in touch via our contact page if you have a specific query.

For more information about travel in Central Asia, read our guide to tourism in Uzbekistan.

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