Tashkent Zoo Review: Where Animal Welfare Falls Short

Tashkent Zoo Entrance

Tashkent Zoo has garnered a controversial reputation due to critical online reviews. Eager to uncover the truth behind the buzz, we ventured to the zoo ourselves to witness its current state.

Regrettably, what we discovered fell far short of expectations.

Located adjacent to the Tashkent Botanical Gardens in the northern part of the city, Tashkent Zoo boasts a considerable expanse, housing various species of animals, including wolves, lions, bears, tigers, hippopotamuses, snakes, crocodiles, birds, fish, and more.

While it serves as both a zoo and an amusement park for children, the conditions and treatment of the animals left much to be desired.

Tashkent Zoo Aquarium

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A Lackluster Aquarium Experience:

One of the zoo’s prominent features is its aquarium. However, the aging infrastructure and lack of maintenance were evident during our visit. Though the aquarium showcased a diverse range of fish, it failed to provide a standout experience.

The building itself appeared tired and in need of renovation. In comparison, the more modern aquarium at Tashkent Magic City offers improved conditions and a more captivating assortment of aquatic life.

A Glimpse into Animal Cruelty

The primate house emerged as the most disheartening part of the zoo.

Animals were confined behind multiple layers of glass and wire caging, enduring subpar living conditions. The evident neglect and confinement were distressing to witness.

Tashkent Zoo Baboon
Behind bars: A baboon sits on a dirty concrete floor

Similarly, the wolves, bears, and lions showcased signs of mental distress, likely exacerbated by the unsanitary conditions of their habitats. The lack of cleanliness and apparent infrequency of cleaning further contributed to the animals’ distressing circumstances.

A Glimmer of Hope

Among the less dire aspects of Tashkent Zoo, the rocky hill area at the park’s bottom provided a relatively contented atmosphere.

Animals such as goats, camels, and bison seemed to inhabit a more comfortable environment. However, this was a fleeting moment of respite amidst the general disappointment encountered throughout the zoo.

Incomplete Exhibits and Lackluster Offerings

During our visit, numerous animals listed on the official website were nowhere to be found. The small mammal house remained virtually empty, while the giraffe and elephant area was undergoing construction.

Although Tashkent Zoo boasts non-animal attractions for children, such as rides, play areas, and photo spots, these offerings are not unique and can be found in other parks within the city, such as Ankhor Park or Tashkent City Park.

A Zoo that Falls Short

Overall, Tashkent Zoo fails to meet even basic standards of a well-maintained and compassionate animal sanctuary. The animals’ living conditions are far from satisfactory, and there have been concerning reports regarding their inadequate nutrition.

Consequently, we cannot recommend visiting this zoo. If you are a tourist in Tashkent, there are numerous alternative attractions and activities that provide a more enjoyable and ethically sound experience.

In conclusion, Tashkent Zoo’s reputation as a subpar animal facility is unfortunately justified. The inadequate living conditions and treatment of the animals overshadow any potential enjoyment derived from the zoo.

As visitors, it is crucial to prioritize the welfare and conservation of animals, and in this regard, Tashkent Zoo disappoints.

Instead, explore the myriad of superior parks in Tashkent to ensure a meaningful and responsible experience during your visit.

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